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I am generally able to accept commissions for custom work for completion within 4-8 weeks, depending on the size of the project. Oils may take an additional 2 weeks to dry. I can repaint an image from my gallery, or design something to your specifications in my style. I retain copyright to the image. You can provide source material or other resources. I will submit a sketch for you before beginning the project. Payment is required in advance, but can be split into two payments if needed. The sizes listed below are a guideline. I can do other sizes, but painting in oils on flat canvas board is not recommended, and stretched canvases in very small sizes may not be available. Prices do not include shipping, which will be determined separately.
If you would like to use an image I have previously created, for the cover of a book, album or other physical material, I can license one-time use of an image for a $50 fee. For an ebook cover or online/mp3-only music release without a physical copy, or a for-profit website, the fee is $25. If you wish to commission an original work to accompany your own creative release or to use in advertising, fundraising, etc. you will have to pay for the cost of creating the work, in addition to a $25 licensing fee per image. I retain copyright to any image that I create on commission. 

If you wish to use any images or a portion thereof for a personal,non-commercial use, simply contact me for permission and include an artist credit (or link back to my site, if applicable).

Licensing Artwork
Custom Artwork
Please note that I will not work for free or for "promotional consideration." Art takes time. I have donated artwork for fundraisers for local charities that I am involved with, or for fundraisers for personal friends, but I do not generally provide free services or products for individuals or organizations I don't have previous experience with.
A note about "free stuff"